The vision of the Applied Meditation Therapy Institute is actualized through its humanistic and transpersonal training, mentoring, coaching, and counseling services in Hawaii and its worldwide teaching and consultation outreach via the Internet. AMTI's face-to-face practices in Hawaii and its worldwide outreach include the following educational and growth promoting methodologies:

1) Personal and group educational services, namely, providing teaching, mentoring, consultation, coaching, workshops, and classes in order to educate and train people to skillfully practice and embody the cognitive, behavioral, perceptual, and somatic techniques of Applied Zen Meditation & Visceral Core Based  Mindfulness.

2) Person-centered growth counseling to enhance passionate and vital embodiment of wellness, dynamic inner stillness and wisdoming, creative life transformations, and peak experiencing within individuals, their daily activities, behaviors, and interpersonal relationships.

3) Transpersonal counseling and consultation to actualize multidimensional perception, higher states of consciousness, intuitive knowing, emotional self-healing, inner peace, moment body wisdoming, boundless intimacy and acceptance of reality just as it is, and a felt sense of Oneness between core Self and the Universe as a Whole.

4) Education, consultation, and embodiment training in Applied Sports Meditation Therapy™ and Applied Business Meditation Therapy™ to assist athletes and business professionals in achieving and sustaining the farther reaches of mental and physical performance, competitive integrity, skill proficiency, work productivity, managerial wisdom, creative intelligence, cognitive freshness and flexibility, and behavioral and emotional synergy in both family life and interpersonal relationships.

5) Along with the above four professional fee based services, Dr. Bonnici, the founder of AMTI, also offers accessable on-line teachings and meditation life practice inspirations. These online teachings and inspirations, when conscientiously studied, clearly understood, and consistently applied, can empower individuals, families, and groups to positively affect and heighten their holistic experience of mind, body, spirit, wellness, interpersonal synergy, and lived reality. You can access Dr. Bonnici's global educational website at.... ZenDoctor.Com